We are the FinTech investor you want on your side

from inception to IPO

We are the FinTech investor that every financial services company needs on their cap table

We have built

market leading TradFi, from consumer to enterprise.

FinTech unicorns.

and are still building, now in DeFi.

We have worked

at banks. With banks.

with FinTechs to disrupt banks.

as advisors to the leaders in financial services.

We have invested

in the vision of hundreds of great FinTech founders.

in 23 unicorns and 3 decacorns.

in many more companies on the way☝️.

We understand

old world financial services.

new world financial services.

what it takes to build a great company.

We are

the most helpful investors on your cap table.

experts in financial services.

content creators supporting our companies.

We believe

that FinTech is everywhere.

that everyone should have access to financial services.

that financial services can - and should - be better.

We don’t

invest other people’s money.

spend time raising our next fund.

forget about you after the round closes.

We do

invest our own capital.

have our skin in the game like you.

spend our time helping teams build their business.

We’ve invested in 23 unicorns and 3 decacorns

We’ve invested in 23 unicorns and 3 decacorns


"Few are more connected or knowledgeable in this space than Michael, and I don't know of any investor who cares more or who is more invested in driving value to his portfolio companies than Michael.

He's literally Republic's #1 champion (out of some 400 investors on our cap table)."


Ken, Founder

"Broadhaven has been one of our best investors since the beginning. Their network is extraordinary and assisted us in every round we raised.

Broadhaven is the synonym of success in your startup, and I always recommend founders have them on their cap table."


Alfonso and Max, Co-Founders

“Broadhaven has your back.

They saw what I could accomplish before I did and helped Boost VC get there.

I love our partnership with Broadhaven.

They are in it for the long haul."

Boost VC

Adam, Founder

We see the world through the lens of market structure evolutions

We believe that innovations in underlying financial infrastructure power consumer financial services revolutions.

Simply put, evolutions power revolutions. And we are along for the ride.

Let’s work